Would he give me a goodbye kiss if he was no longer into me?

Long story short, I've been seeing this guy for about a month. I could tell he likes me but some times it's really awkward conversation wise between us. We've done it 4 times and are really talkative and close sometimes, I've even slept at his house and hung out with his mom and sister the next morning. I asked him if he likes me and he said lots and lots and lots. The only thing is these damn awkward moments when we don't talk, touch, nothing! We had a really awkward moment and when I was leaving he gave me a long hug and kiss and said see you tomorrow. But I'm kind of iffy as to if he's loosing interest because he doesn't call me as often anymore, and when I call him be says stuff like "I thought you weren't gonna call me". Help me out please!


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  • Show him how much you love him. I think he was just expressing his feelings for you when he hugged and kissed you. He said he likes you a lot so give him a chance and show him you like him a lot.

  • It really sucks to be a girl who want to play by the rules when it comes to these sort of things. I don't have an answer for you :/


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