Do guys care about texting when they like a girl?

When me and this boy are in person, all signs point to him liking me. He teases me, touches me, hugs me tightly before leaving, looks me in the eyes and for long periods of time. He asked me if I was single maybe a week ago. The only problem is we never really text, and when we do I text first. He stops answering after a while. We do snapchat decently often though. In a group of people we were talking about texting and he said "oh I hate texting", but shouldn't that change if he likes me?


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  • In a group of people we were talking about texting and he said "oh I hate texting", but shouldn't that change if he likes me?

    Maybe, if we all lived in a world where everyone thought like you, or in a world where men thought like women. Take a moment. Take a deep breath. You're about to discover that people have "different interests" and find "different things important." That's right, a relationship is not some magical union between two people who have nearly identical interests. Relationships are usually between someone who hates cooking but loves cleaning, and someone that loves cooking but hates cleaning. These people are better off together.

    Just because he doesn't express love the same way you do doesn't mean he doesn't love you or like you. That's a very selfish and self-centered way to think about people and the world.

    It sounds like he expresses how he feels through touch and physical affection. It sounds like you express how you feel through verbal communication (or electronic written communication). Maybe physical touch isn't that important to you, and isn't really important in expressing your feelings for someone. That's fine, but that's what it means to be in a relationship.

    Touch and physical affection is how he likes to express and receive his love to and from the other person. Assume that you "hate physical affection," but you "love texting cute and sweet messages." Can this relationship work?


    If he wants to receive love the way that's important and meaningful to him, then it's only fair that he "give" love (express or communicate his feelings) in a way that's important and meaningful to you. Right?

    But that's a "conversation" that you two "need to sit down" and "actually talk about." Not in code, not in hints, not in suggestions or clues. You need to be 100% open, clear, and direct with him about what you want, why you want it, why it's important to you, and whether he understands and is willing to also compromise and give you what you want in a way that's actually meaningful and important to you.

    • This was very insightful! I'm in a situation where when I see a guy in person he flirts through touch a lot, but never initiates touching. Thank you for your explanation!

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      👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼This... all the way!

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  • he hates texting. So what? Sometimes texting is a pain because it makes the conversation so long. A response can take forever from some people so maybe he doesn't like it for that reason.

  • Why should he change who he is because he likes you? If he hates texting, he hates texting. Find better way to communicate with him.

  • Sometimes (and only sometimes) when a guy and girl start dating, the guy tries to text as much as a girl would.


    In a way, it's almost unfair for the guy to even try, because he's giving her a false sense of what to expect.

    When he inevitably (and he always will) slows down his texting to a more manageable guy speed, the girl begins to panic and feels like he is losing interest or pulling away.

    He's not. It's just that guys cannot sustain texting at a girls rate.


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  • guys see texting more as a tool, like to meet up an stuff not for comunication wise like we girls do don't worry about it, and he asked if your single sounds to me like he's interested! Good luck

  • I didn't realize that guys hate texting until I read these.Thanks for the insight from the guys who answered.