How many girls would date a man who you found out was 46 but you didn't because he looks 26?

Any young girls out there that would date a older man that's attractive and you can't tell he is older? I'm 46 but look 26. Girls make moves all the time and I'm afraid to get involved because of my age. It's caused me allot of worry. Parents ect... But they still keep coming.. I do have a little greying but not bad yet.. I am wanting a girl to get married and have a baby with.

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  • As long as you're up front with them in the beginning about your age. I knew a guy last year who purposely lied about his age to get a younger girl. Said he was 32 instead of 42 and she was 26. He didn't tell her the truth until she had already fallen for him. But being that young age & very inexperienced, she didn't realize that this "little" lie was the first of many.

    I often wonder about the attraction between vastly different aged people. It seems strange for a young person to be attracted to someone old enough to be their parent, or vice versa. Of course, I see why a man likes to be with a younger girl, it inflates his ego.

    But looking at your profile age on this site, you're already lying on here about your age. When you have nothing to hide, then you hide nothing.


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  • I highly doubt you look like 26.

    But no I wouldn't, it's just too old for me. I don't think we have much in common and in the long run we'll ultimatley have different life goals at differen times

  • Nope wouldn't touch him.

  • Sorry I would not because I am 24 and 46 is a bit too old my limit is 37.

  • That would be fine with me as long as we had a good connection.

    • Yes... Two thumbs up... :)

  • People can usually tell how old are, at least in the ballpark.

    And, there's nothing to be afraid of or hesitant about. Age isn't really that important anyway. Don't let age inhibit you. If they have a problem with your age, then deal with that issue when and IF you come to it. Chances are, there won't be an issue at all.

  • i highly highly doubt you look 26.

    • Yes I really do.. And yes allot of girls check me out... And make moves.. Allot every day. That is why I ask. Not because I really am not and want to ask a question I care less about, because I'm don't look young..

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    • I believe if he is an Asian.As for westerners,I'm not sure because I'm not familiar with them.

    • i'm half black foot Indian and half german.. I took really good care of myself...

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  • I'm I'll be 29 in like 5 weeks and I've had graying for years. Mainly just above the front of my ears and a scattered gray through out the rest of my hair. I do have simillar issues as you because when shaven I tend to look closer to 24 or 25 than 29.

    Try going for women in their 30's but now days it can be hard to tell because young girls/women want to look older and older women want to look young.

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  • Bet most will consider it too old. Understandable tbh, it's likely your mental views on the world and interests won't line up at all. But, if they do line up and they are ONLY thinking of the age difference? Then that's just derpy on their part.

  • I feel you, man. I've got exactly the same problem. I'm about to become 22 years old in a week but people always think I'm 21. It annoys the heck out of me.