Do you think it is possible to find a serious boyfriend on dating sites?

I have what I think is a very nice profile on a few different sites nice pictures no reveling ones or anything like that and guys keep asking me too hookup with them. This is against my rules even tho I have not had sex in a while but I want something serious. What could I be doing wrong?


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  • I think Anonymous User has your solution. But I want to add that you want to be "firm and concrete" and not "loud and repetitive". I.e you want to say something like "There is no chance I am going to have sex/a hookup with guy who talks to me, this is something I wish not to be a part of." Not "GUYS GUYS PLEASE STOP BEGGING ME FOR A ONE NIGHT STAND! There is just so many jerks that think I will scoop so low to having SEX when I said that I am SPECIFICALLY said I am looking to get MARRIED! So in which case a-holes who cannot respect me and my choice need not contact me!"

    Remember it's a dating site you want to express your views and interests, which at times such as this, require you to get rid of the men who are not suitable for you. But at the same time you don't want to give the rest of the men the wrong impression and scare *them* away and I can assure you if you overstep it will.

    • I just fixed it hope it works cause the guys that ask me for sex are rude and usually very mean. One guy was from New York City asked me to drive him to the train station and hookup in the meantime. You have no idea how insulted I was!

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    • (continued)

      That being said some ways this can be done may be:

      "I don't get involved with the whole casual hookup scene to be honest. I am looking for something serious."

      "I'm really hoping to meet a guy who has the same idea as me when it comes to commitment, so I wouldn't be interested in any sort of online fling."

      "I really do want to get myself lost into a passion and romance but nothing casual because something other than long term doesn't interest me at all."

    • Ok thanks. So you are putting it nicer then I put it.


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  • Sounds ridiculous to me to get married over the internet. Because they're lying. You can not.

    • Ok so how else do I meet a guy? I work 55 hours a week to pay my bills and with all women.

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    • If you notice that I do not understand each other. :))

      Turkish Do you write?

    • I don't speak Turkish only Spanish and English sorry.

  • Do you specifically say "I am looking for a long term relationship. I will not have casual sex."?

    • Yes it says looking to get married on my profile.

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    • Add the words "long-term" in front of boyfriend and you're good to go.

    • Ok I will fix that now. Thanks for much for your help :)

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  • I don't believe so unless you met first in rl

  • My sister met her fiance through a dating site, and she's had a few other boyfriends she met online as well. So it is possible, but I don't really know what her secret is or anything since I have zero interest in online dating.

    There are a lot of pervs online (safety in the anonymity I guess) but if you sift through the bad ones you should be able to find some good guys too. Also, do you initiate convos with guys you might like or do you wait for guys to message you? If you don't initiate already you might wanna try that.

    • I am not one to go after guys but thanks!

    • Well the creeps are more likely to be the ones to message you so if what you're doing now is not working then you might want to try something new...