Why are some guys so open and insulting?

I am on dating sites and am looking for something serious no hookups I don't do them because I can't handle them emotionally. Anyways guys keep asking for hookups when I am only putting classy pictures up and have a very nice profile. Are okcupid and pof only used for hookups? I didn't want to pay 160 to be on the other sites.


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  • some guys are depressed that women are not choosing them to date. so they will be open to anything just for some female companionship.

    as some may know, people are more bold online than in person. things that no one would dare say to someone's face they have no problem saying online.

    sadly, you have 2 choices, give up online dating, start approaching men in person.

    or get used to weeding out the lonely frustrated guys from the well...MORE lonely frustrated guys


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  • what age of guy are you shooting for. Most guys don't know how to recognize a classy women sorry. Also, I'm not a fan of dating sites never really worked for me either. Seems that the only folks that are successful are those not looking for anything long-term.

    • Yes this is true thanks.

  • You've figured out the problem by being part of the problem. POF and OKC are free. So you get the guys who aren't willing to shell out $160. If I was looking to hook up, I'd go the fastest, cheapest route also.

    • Ya but I can't afford the other sites or ide rather not spend all that money.

    • I understand. I'm just giving you an explanation. Maybe try meeting guys in the real world.

    • Well I would love to do it that way but I work 55 hours plus a week so don't have much time to meet guys.

  • I am on POF and lots of women think guys just want to hook up..I have had no luck in my 7 years of POF...I am looking for a serious relationship too!

    • Ya never have any luck on that site I don't know what it is. It makes me feel worse instead of better about myself. I get guys who want me to bring them places and then hook up. Guys who ask for late night birthday presents.

    • Its hard to date these days..I am still trying :)

    • It really is I hate it.

  • On my okcupid, it says long term relationship ONLY, and I get no messages, just a bunch of favorites.


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  • Most guys on dating sites seem to think they're used for random hook-ups and they don't even look at your criteria. I got messages from 40+ looking for sex on a regular basis. Only the really inexperienced guys weren't so direct. Online dating mostly sucks.

  • Yea most guys on both sites are there for the same reason. Match.com isn't any different from what I've read.

  • I've been on POF and heard about that from friends. To be honest, I NEVER, not once got a guy just looking to hook-up. I think it depends on where you are, from what my friends tell me, if you're in a city, you get more hook-ups. Do you have it in your profile what you want? That's what I did, seemed to work.

    • I live in the country but not much here so it extends to more city like areas. I changed my profile and at the bottom but only men who want something serious.

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    • I get lots of messages some actually lead to dates and then I get guys who ask me to give them a ride to the train and have sex while we are at it.

    • LOL nope, never had that. I hope your luck improves. I was helping guys pick out tractors, dressed up to meet their families and basically be arm candy.