Why is it so hard to find someone to date that is will to stay by my side?

Last 6 years I have been in hell and back. I have been raped, gave birth to my daughter been raising her, going college trying to get the right degree, I have one more year I am a accountant cpa finding it then something my my family just ripping it all apart, family been though a lot, my mom been sick permanent head injury, my brother got sick almost died, my dad is all good but I s heavy set and don't want to do much. I have dated two great guys one it thought was my true love,but wasn't. I been looking dating but noting I'm getting fed up. I have too much on my plate but I would like that one guy that one love that one person that make things a little easier. why cannot I find a guy, what's wrong with me? Do I have too much going on? Do you think I will find someone or am I going to be alone my whole life?


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  • First off nothing but power to you Downtoearthgirl. I have always thought that women have to deal with a lot in this world compared to men and you have truly been through more than most on this site, and your still standing, congrats to you. But to answer your question, maybe you should try giving yourself some praise because you deserve it. You have survived a rape and despite that you've still have the strength to finish college while taking care of your daughter. I'm sorry about your family problems but like Reila said its something that you have to deal with and not let it get you down so much. You've been through a lot but are still standing strong, just trust and no that you've been through more than most and made it through that. You are a rare and special women with amazing strength who will meet a guy that will realize the gem he has. Just relax and worry so much about meeting the right guy because it will happen, just keep being the amazing person you are and know that there is a guy out there that will thank the world for introducing him into not just an amazing women, but an amazing person.


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  • U need to understand that your family problems are your OWN ... the way you say "I would like that one person that can make things a little easier for me" ...u are looking for a guy to solution your problems .. no wonder you can't find that in another person is because THE PERSON THAT NEEDS TO DO THAT IS You ! Separate family problems from your love life ... Family problems would b there whether or not that special person is there ... IT is Your RESPONSIBILITY Only You can make it better ... Just Do the Best In everything You Do and Give Your self the chance to find true love the one that would make you happy .. When You're happy... everything in Life SEEM TO B A LOT EASIER ! :)