OOPS I messed up an she's out the door. What to do next?

It's been 4 months since our break-up. I did something really stupid, I apologized for it and she doesn't care she left. We have a history of breaking up and getting back together. I think this is it though and to be honest I think I finally realize that's what is best. My thing is it's still really bothering me. I'm self employed and don't have a huge amount of single friends to go out with. I do go out on dates with other women but she's still on my mind. Sad thing is I know that's not fair to the other girls I date but I can't help it. Is their anything I can do to speed the healing process. I don't want to chase after her I think we should be apart, plus she's already dating someone else. Any advice is appreciated.


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  • Get back out there. Went through the same thing. Being around other girls will help you get over it faster.join an activity.


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  • Just move on with your life and starting expanding your social circle. Being self-employed isn't a good excuse to not being able to meet new people.