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So I'm really confused, and I need advice. So last week Weds my girlfriend was not happy with me because there were problems. Now she does have bipolar which makes it harder but things got out of hand so we both decided to wait to talk until she got calmed down. Well next day I notice on FB that she put her status to hidden. So This Saturday we talked in person and she told me that she didn't want to be in a relationship anymore, she is past the whole being intimate and close thing, she felt that since her schooling would start it would end because she wouldn't focus on that. She told me that I never left things alone and always questioned her. So we talked about this stuff for a while and things calmed down and she told me that MAYBE we could date again but right now she doesn't want it. She wants to be alone but she is doing things with other people and she did tell me that she didn't find anyone and she wasn't looking. So we dropped all of this and just started talking just normal and she did say she still wanted to hangout, but I want to know because ever time I ask her about dating again she tells me that she can't predict the future ad she doesn't want a relationship right now. So my question is do I keep talking to her and Showing her that things will be different or is she just letting me down softly? She is a very honest and blunt person.


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  • Well... just give her some space, but still let her know "from a far" that you still care for her.

    You have probably crossed the "space line" with her, and she's maybe a bit annoyed with it! But that doesn't mean she dislikes you. She's maybe the type that like some space once in a while... She's probably in the "reset mode" stage right now with you.

    • You pretty much nailed it. So my plan is to keep talking because we have but NOTHING about this. Like last night we talked about comic books all night.


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  • She might be letting you down softly. Hard to tell. I would give it some time. Don't bug her. Go out with your friends and try to not be consumed in thought about her. I know (hard to do) act like it isn't a huge deal. We're taking some time off. She's got to want you and she can't feel that if you smother her. Not saying you are but don't if you are!

  • Look she told you that she is done being intimate, so don't waste your time in the friend zone and get some other chick.

  • She's just letting you down. The idea of you having to show her that things will be different is a no no.

    Just let her go and never look back.