Ex texts "I miss you" but I don't miss her anymore

So there is this girl I used to date. Every once in a while she writes to me and usually ends the conversation with "I miss you". I don't miss her...

so my question is: is this just a casual comment, or does she really misses me? what is the right thing to say after that comment? I don't wanna be rude, and I don't think a "thank you" fits the bill.


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  • Let her know that you still care enough about her to value her happiness and that because of this you don't want to waste her time by pretending to want something that simply is no longer and can no longer be there for you. Show genuine concern and if she's not crazy she'll understand, but you have to mean what you say as well. Good luck! :)


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  • Ignore her text and do not respond. Why should you have to respond? She is your ex for a reason. Things did not workout. If you text her back she will text you back and that does not need to happen since you are not with her. Why should you have to text her? She had her chance to be your girlfriend, it did not work out.


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  • You don't miss her so you should stop talking with her. She probably has feelings for you and you're just kinda leading her on.

  • I would say something like, well that's nice but I don't miss you and I am moving on with my life, you should to, I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

    Its not rude, but it also doesn't make her think that you are still interested.

  • It sounds cynical as hell, but sometimes girls text sh*t like that, just to see if you miss them. They don't actually miss you, they just want to know you're still pining in regret and missing them.

    I'd say something short and to the point - like, "Get over it. We're over."

    And just watch how fast she comes back with something like "Oh, I sent that to the wrong person" or some such sh*t.