Should I let it be?

I was having a conversation with this guy I am dating and I told him how I felt it was unfair to him that he's dating me because I have had a lot of past traumas as a child and I'm in therapy to deal with it, and I feel I can't give him everything all the time. But he said in response that he has met one other girl who was better than me, and he said he would still want to be with me. I feel it was hurtful that he said that this other woman he dated was better than me. Am I being too sensitive?


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  • It seems like he meant it as a compliment and it came out completely wrong. Some guys are idiots and are really good at putting a foot in their mouth. Maybe he meant to say that she was better in certain ways, but that you were better overall? Regardless, actions speak louder than words, and he did choose you over her. That's got to count for something, right?


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  • I don't know that is kind of hurtful I would be upset too... I mean regardless of whether or not that's the truth he didn't need to say that to you.

    I personally would tell him to go be with this "better" girl and leave you alone. He should be reassuring you that he likes the person you are and explaining that he wants to be with you, not tell you that you aren't that good but you're enough for him.