Is it wrong of me to feel this way?

I am finally done with a guy who I loved for 4 years , long story short , he broke my heart and its been a mnth now where I put my foot down and said leavee het out .. He was my best friend , hurt me , betrayed me , dated 2 others and ignored me.. Backstabbing snake

Now the feelings are gone and I feel at peace finally , my heart is empty my priority is me, so I feel good.

When my friends complain about their girlfriend or boyfriend I get annoyed , why date someone who makes you misrable or sad or mad , don't come complaining to med Because I'm done with those things. I don't care to listen to their baby Mama dramas .


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  • Nobody's perfect, they date them because they have feelings for them. If they complain about being untrustworthy, lying, cheating, ...then I understand how you feel. But if they just complain about him/her not being as romantic as they want, or being too moody sometimes, or not doing the dishes, ... that's just normal. It doesn't mean that they don't love them anymore, just some annoying things they do they want off their chest.

    I'm not gonna say "that's normal" or "that's not normal", because it's just how you feel, you can't help it. It's nothing huge, by which I mean you don't harm anybody with how you're feeling. Maybe it's just a bit of the frustration of your ex that's still inside you, trying to get out.


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  • It is wrong for you to feel this way.


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  • I don't think its wrong for you to feel that way. At the same time its important to be understanding because these people are confiding in you because they trust you and see you as someone they can rely on. Even if its just airing out the drama, because often that's what happens is a friend or close one hears only about the bad things because the person is venting. We don't know what good is also there and we also know love can make us irrational and put up with a lot more than we would otherwise.

    But again I don't think its wrong for you to feel this way. Its completely right, if a relationship is causing more sadness, stress, or any kind of negativity than happiness its definitely time to leave and not spend more time on something that most likely won't work out anyway.