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I met a man off a dating site initially he was really full on wanting to see me ALL the time getting mad at me if I couldn't get to see him texting me constantly at one point six messages cause was taking phone all and didn't reply! Then I end up sleeping wih him drunk and he goes cold on me for two days eventually proclaiming he hasn't wanted out first time to be like that and that he was annoyed with how thins had panned out and accused me of being funny round him which I Wernt I was just hungover! I then grovel cause wanna giv things ago he tells me he does like but don't know what to do when I suggested leaving it on more than one occasion he messaged a sad face :-/ ! I then find out he has been messaging people online and not jus in th two days we had been at war with each other! Despite telling m off his own back he wasn't talking to anyone else! He said I pester him when he backed off which I'm not sur what he expected wen his attitude towards me changed over

Night! Now I think iv lost him or never had him and don't l ow what to do next?


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  • eh he sounds like a douche, he probably just had another girl message him and he's like a dog witha bone


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  • Fuggitabout'im.

  • just leave him and get on with your life.


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