Is women being unfair in a date or men?

The questions says it all, but let me elaborate on what types of answer that I am looking for.

Men: Do you feel that your dates are less than satisfactory? If so, for what reason do you believe that caused it? Do you blame yourself, do you blame the women for being unfair? What is your reason that you believe to have an unsuccessful date?

Women: Do you feel that your dates are less than satisfactory? If so, for what reason? Is the man treating you badly? Lack of experience? Boring? etc etc



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  • I don't like that just because I am the man, I always have to plan everything during the first several dates. It is hard to plan activities for several dates in a row that will entertain the other person when I am still getting to know them, and don't understand their likes and dislikes yet. So I would like to have some of the pressure taken off of me. Other than placing that expectation on me, I haven't noticed women being unfair about dating or being overly judgmental like guys are always claiming they are. I think a lot of it is in guys heads.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Dates are awesome. Less than satisfactory since many end at one, but I chalk it up to a bad match. Nothing personal.

  • I don't think I've ever had a less-than-satisfactory date. I mean, even if I didn't end up clicking with the guy for whatever reason, I just figure we're not a good match, like dunndunndunn said.

    There have been dates where we just meet for drinks...nothing fancy or any crazy planning involved. The best dates are the ones that are cheap and simple, in my opinion. That way you get to know each other better.


What Guys Said 2

  • too much pressure to make a first impression, women often decide right on the first date if she will have a second date with the guy. poor guy may have a bad day, shy needing time to loosen up...ect, and he gets shut down

  • There not very good. Women contribute very little to dates. They never plan anything and they don't start conversations or anything. If I were to not plan anything or start off with a subject no words would be spoken and no dates would be planned

    • So I am not the only one thinking about this issue, so I guess this is normal.