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Pick my outfit for my date tonight xD

I'm going out after dinner with the guy I'm seeing. What do you think I should wear?

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  • Any chance we could see you in the options listed?

    • Zero chance, I don't like to put my pics here... But either of them look good, of that I'm sure.

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    • The dress accentuates more the waist, I think...

    • Ass-accentuating skirt it is then! Good luck!

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  • I would say either A or B.

  • I like when a girl wears just jeans and a nice shirt

  • to get a better idea I need to know what you look like.but if I had to choose on a random face/body I'd go with C

    • I'm petite, black long hair, black eyes, I weigh 97 pounds... People usually say I look like a doll, if that makes any sense. I'm in good shape, B cup breasts and toned legs.

    • C or D then. But, not to short of shorts

  • I think it depends on what your plans are for the date.. is it just dinner, or something else afterwards... hard to tell just based on this information.

    • It's after dinner, probably to a bar, but I'm not sure yet...

    • Then I generally like a flirty kinda dress.. Casual and sexy at the same time.

  • Pretty hard to tell without pics. Flirty pink dress could be anything. Go with safe option, sexy tight jeans and cute top. Don't forget sexy shoes.

  • It would depend on where you're going for dinner and what your doing after in my opinon. A) Flirty pink dress or pencil skirt -- Night club or somewhere to dance.B) Jeans and a cute top and Black Shorts -- Drinks at a bar, bowling, mini golf, something casual.

  • I think something that leaves you wanting more, so A or B. A or B make you look adventurous.

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