People who can get dates but still complain?

Just curious have you ever meet someone who has no problem getting a date but still complained about their date? I hope that made sense? In other words the person knows their good looking enough to attract the opposite sex but has a problem with said person. My friend is a good example he's always bragging about women coming up to him and asking for his phone number, but when I, ask is she your new girlfriend his answer is always no I don't want to date or have a girlfriend right now which is fine. I'm always telling how nuts he is for turning down these women who actually show interest. I on the other hand couldn't attract a woman if I were the last guy on earth.


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  • Your friend doesn't understand how lucky he is. Women always go after looks first. The average normal guy has little chance with women.


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  • Just because someone is good looking at gets a lot of attention, doesn't mean they have to take every person up on the offer.

    Like you said, sometimes that person just wants to be single, and they just aren't attracted to anyone enough to want to make it happen.

    Other times, it can be a nuisance, which I am aware sounds weird. Sometimes I want to just go to the store without getting hit on, or go for a run without a dude pulling his car over to ask if I have a boyfriend, those things.

    It may sound like complaining for stupid reasons, but it isn't always so wonderful.

    • I get what you mean but my friend as no problem with women? I do so wouldn't it make more sense that way instead of the way I normal wrote it?

  • Sounds like me I think. I think some people are just like that...maybe they secretly like the challenge? I like being single but it sucks too. I rarely go on dates lately because I need to work on me and get a job.

    • I understand where your coming from, but what I don't get is why? In other words why pass up the chance to date someone who wants to give you the chance?

    • Probably a looks thing sadly. I need to feel attracted to someone at least. Also I like making friends with someone and running into the, a few times before I go on a date.

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  • It depends. Most girls I notice who show interest are people I don't want to get involved with.

    For example, I won't automatically turn down a single mother, but a lot of them are in bad situations with their ex which would just mean a date of them sitting there whining about their ex, child support and so on. So while I can get a date with one, why subject myself to the horror?

    Or a date with a girl who is hit on 24/7. I don't want to sit there listening to them brag about how they get hit on by this guy and that guy and about how their friend wants to sleep with them.

    Or a date with an overweight woman. I don't find them attractive so why should I automatically have to date someone I don't find attractive?

    Or a date with an alcoholic. I don't want to date someone who is constantly drunk or at bars all the time.

    So while I can get dates, having met these types of people I would rather just skip over them then be stuck talking to them or spending time with them when I could be off doing more productive things.

    • still better than me . no girl shows interest in me

    • Yeah but if you only have to bump into the one you want compared to a bunch you don't want it is better off.

  • Im that guy too.

    The problem isn't that we can't get dates, its that we can't get dates with women who were attracted to.

    Im sorry if I won't date a woman if she looks like the toxic avenger. Or sail barges her way into every room with butter.

    • I've never meet any of these so called ''women'' my friend tells me about. So I can't say if their good looking, ugly etc. He's always making me feel bad about myself because he knows I can't attract women even if we're hanging out in person. But being a guy I don't say dude shut up already your making me feel worse about my looks.

  • For the same reason that Americans with a minimum wage still complain about lack of money even though their lifestyle is 10 times higher than that of the average African.