Would a white guy think about dating a black girl?

I am a black girl. I caught myself looking at what if white guys dated black girls. Soon, I got to white girls and black guys, and how black women are the ugliest of all the races. I wanted to know if white guys would date a black girl? I always see white girls and black guys dating, but rarely a white guy with a black girl. Also, I know the stereotypes about black girls but not all follow that like black girls are ghetto and will amount to nothing and that white girls are easy(which I never believed).

In all, would a white guy consider to date a black girl?


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  • *Sigh* This question again...

    It depends on the person. Some white guys will and some won't. All in all, who cares? Is getting a white guy really that important to you? Is finding a white guy what you base your self-worth on?

    Race shouldn't even matter. Be yourself and find a guy who really likes you regardless of your race and regardless of his race. Getting a guy of a certain race should not be your main focus, there are way more important things in life.

    • I totally agree with you, but sometimes when us blacks say we want a white guy, its not primarily because of race. It's because of attraction. I happen to only be attracted to white guys.


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  • Many interracial relationships are bw+wm. They are increasing ( link ) though I'm too lazy to find current statistics for 2012.

  • If we got along and she was cute

  • I can't believe we are dealing with this question again.

  • Why are you trying to settle already?


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  • Oh my gosh!... This question..again.

    When are you going to realize that some guys will and some guys won't. I know that everyone has preferences, but you need to do something.

    1.) Get a cup.

    2.) Fill it up with water

    3.) Then drink it.

    Why did I give you these instructions, because you THIRSTY! Chill out. You ask this question at least once a week. You should focus on finding a guy who is good for you regardless of race.

    • Relax, she's just asking a simple question. Tude= not needed.

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    • Uhh.. this is the first I've asked this question. And I'm not thirsty. I can't ask a simple question? I'm not asking girls this question it's girlsaskguys so I'm asking guys the question.

    • Well, if this is your first question then I apologize but if you were on this site long enough, then you would understand why I and other users are a bit irritated by this question since it is asked all the time usually by two other girls. So anyways back to the question, yes a white guy would date a black girl if he thinks she is cute and he feels he will get along with her well but some might not date outside the race because of what his family and friends think.

  • People need to stop asking this friggin question and watch out the freakin Window and see that there are interracial couples everywhere. And I really hope you miss question asker don't think that black women are the ugliest of races... otherwise. ..that's very sad and illiterate