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Why did my ex hug me?

Okay so I went to see some friends of mine and my ex (whom we share mutual friends with) was there. When I showed up he walked up to me with his arms... Show More

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  • He probably tried to show you he's fine. As in, trying to demonstrate he's not upset or tense or anything that could make you think he's not over you. Same applies to him not really paying attention to you but still being friendly/polite if you approached him. However.. he might have been tense after all, so he overdid his efforts to show otherwise (hugging you), which backfired and made things a tad awkward. Truth be told, it's normal to be like this around an ex. It's very easy to feel tense/confused when being near that person you shared so much with. It's something we are not used to dealing with and therefore we don't know how to act around them. Whatever the case, these are just a bunch of assumptions. There's a good chance he was being authentically polite as well.. and even if he wasn't, the result is the same, so no need to worry about it. And still, the fact that you've been wondering about this and even asking about it shows you probably were just as tense (:

    • Yeah I kinda was. But I acted the exact same way I would if he wasn't there. Thanks for responding!

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  • He probably is still respectful to you and treats you nicely, even if you're no longer together with him.

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