Guys, if you are trying to break it off with a girl, would you still text her dirty sexy texts

if you are trying to break it off with a girl you have been seeing, would you text her everyday and tell her how much you loved doing things to her and describe in detail?

thank you


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  • No. It's not fair to her to lead her on. It just shows that you still have feelings for her.


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  • Yes. Just because my heart doesn't want her anymore doesn't mean that my brain/penis combo doesn't.

    • thanks, how about just texting every day saying hello? would you still do that?

    • Eh.. I mean I always try and be the bigger person and good guy of the situation in the end. I never like to break up on bad terms, but as far as texting daily - no.

    • ok thank you :)

What Girls Said 1

  • sounds like he just wants to hook up! As a girl, I know we focus more on our feelings. If I had feelings for him, I wouldn't totally write him off, but I would be very careful, maybe ignore him a bit. Play hard to get.. See if he really cares about you or was just looking to hook up!