So I'm curious everyone whos been through a bad text breakup hurts the other person!

So what I'm curious about is you people who text others with I don't wanna be friends and I met someone new, don't contact me, well how does it make you feel to do that to someone do you ever feel bad or do you just laugh it off and say see ya?


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  • I have done this before and yes it makes you feel like a horrible person. It wasn't because I had met someone else I was just ready for the relationship to be over, however I regret it and if I could do it again I would definitely end the relationship in a different way. I guess I was being a coward and selfish at the time. Thought it would be easier but it really wasn't.


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  • Can you clarify please? Your post and question does not make any sense, sorry.

    • I wondering what people out there have ever broke it off with someone through a text and told them they wanted nothing to do with the person they broke it off with. And if so how did it make you feel?

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