When is the right time to kiss your boyfriend on the cheek?

If I were on a date with my boyfriend, and we had already had our first kiss (together), when would be a good time to kiss him on the cheek? I don't want to be... Annoying or anything. I just want to be or seem sweet... Thanks!


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  • Just do it! Guys our age are stereotypically cast as denizens of our primal urges, so when just starting out with a girl we don't want to show to much physical affection lest you think we're in it simply for the sex. He'll appreciate and it'll break his fear of physical affection. Best of luck.


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  • I think you can just go ahead and do it. He won't think it's weird, and if you've already kissed, he'll just (like you said) think you're sweet. It's horribly cheesy, but my boyfriend used to count all of the times I'd kiss him on the face and then "pay me back." My boyfriend is also into butterfly kisses and eskimo kisses. So boys do like that stuff (at least some of them).