How to tell if a date went well or not?

All things considering, from my perspective, things went pretty well, enough to believe I can ask her out again.

But she was shyer than usual and it seemed harder than usual to carry a conversation with her because of this. The natural and fun conversation we always seemed to have just wasn't there.

And so by the end of the date, since she hadn't really opened up in a natural, smooth, comfortable manner, I didn't even try to go for a kiss. It would have been trying to kiss someone who just wasn't comfortable yet, I thought that would have been a bad idea. So I gave her a hug and told her we'd hang out again real soon, and she said sure.

Does that sound like an okay date? It just seemed more uncomfortable than it should have been. Maybe I should ask her out again anyway


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  • Just make her feel appreciated and she will open up to you.


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  • Perhaps she was distracted, or something happened during the day that upset her.

    Ask her out again. If the same thing happens, then she may not be interested.

  • if you got laid, it went well. if you didn't, consider ruphies.