Should I play mind game?

Hi I'm 20, and this guy who I just know is 27. We had our little "date" today and it was pleasant. Well this won't be a serious relationship as I see it coming when I know him. He texted me after it and said about the date and stuffs. I used to be very honest and easygoing with all my ex, and I think I'm too nice and got hurt.

Do guys like girls who are difficult and mystery?

Thankyou for all of your answers, I will keep it in mind :)


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  • I sure don't. I mean, hey, I enjoy a challenge as much as the next guy, but I don't like girls screwing with me just to stretch things out. I'd rather a girl be herself. But seriously, you play a mind game with me, I'm gone. Mind games don't "add mystery" like so many girls seem to think. it makes them come off like a bitch, or a crazy person. It makes them come off as stupid. These are more likely scenarios than the likelihood he'd find her "mysterious".

    Look, you did nothing wrong. Nothing. He likely would have done what he did, no matter what. Just be yourself. Be who you are. If you being "too nice" is who you are, then be that girl, but also be smart about it. If you really could see it coming, then don't get involved. If you're not sure, then just at least hold out on sex or something. But don't go screwing around with people's heads because you think it will make a guy like you.

    Seriously, nothing you do will make a guy like you. If a guy likes you, he likes you. If he doesn't, then he doesn't. Anything you do to artificially make him like you will be a sham, and no matter what, you will NOT be able to keep it up forever. Just be yourself.

    No mind games.


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  • No f***ing way. Guys just like hot women.

    Just be upfront and ASK him to be upfront because with this age difference he's just looking to have fun (in my opinion) games will just make him distance himself.

  • Difficult, mysterious people are less intriguing and more boring than you'd imagine.


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  • I'm never into mind games. I'm too blunt of a person. But if it suits your character and you think it will e a good flirting tactic sure.