Do even confident guys sometimes hesitate to contact the girl?

Hello guys, I am just curious in general how you handle it, when you are interested in a girl.

Let me first explain it from a female point of view: I am really secure and donĀ“t have a problem to make a move or text at first, but sometimes I rather wait a few days, because I don't want seem clingy, though I am not up for playing games- I just don't want to scare him away. I read a lot of different answers on gag: Some guys like to chase, some hate that society expect men to make the first move, some feel good if the girl text, some interpret it as needy...uahhhhhhaaa how complicated is that? lol

And: Some guys tend to say, if they just starting dating, getting to know each other, if they don't call or text for a few days, it necessarily hasn't to mean anything...but for us girls (the most of us) it is a little bit different: When I am interested in someone, no matter if I am crazy in love or just like this guy...I would never forget to answer or wait till I text, because I like the communication going on.

I know it is a difficult field and everybody handle it a little different, but maybe you guys can give me some hints.

And another question: Is texting everyday a sign he is seriously interested, or can a guys seriously be interested even if he is not texting everyday?


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  • I agree with cromartie, everybody says stuff on here how they would like them to be or how they believe them to be, not how hey truly are or how they would really handle things. I could tell you that guys even if they are confident they find it hard to chase a girl hey really like, but in reality he could not like you at all or he could like you as a friend but still has some doubts about getting close to you. What we say doesn't matter, because even if we are right and he likes you he could still not pursue you, or do something to make your relationship happen


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  • You answered all of your own questions. There is no differentiation between behaviors for the sexes. Don't take any stock into the answers you read here, please, unless you wish to forever be alone following really horrid advice.

    • hahaha probably your right and there is no common rule...but after my very confusing dating history, I really wish I could figure out how to make things work

    • The irony is that there's nothing to do. Dating is kind of like blindly picking an M&M out of a jar. There are a limited number of compatibility options but still you can get ones that aren't your color more than you wish to. Some get lucky and pick red the first time. Others can pick brown 7 times in a row. I guess that makes it a roulette...

  • I think you don't know what confidence means.

    • why is that?

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    • but some playing games, to give a woman the feeling she can't be sure about what he is initating

    • Confident means you don't need to play games.

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  • I think that even confident guys hesitate to contact a girl, especially if they are really interested in her. One thing is being confident and another thing is doing actions without thinking before. So even confident guys, may hesitate at some point, think and decide what is best to do. Because it's not only about confidence, but also one should play the "game" in the best best way to win the girl. I'm not saying it in a negative point of view, I am saying that everyone tries to make the best impression.

  • why would yo worry about the guys who think you being curtious is needy. do you really want to date that kind of guy. or rather WHY do you really want to date that kind of guy.who gets scared because you don't ignore him.

    that is a game. you may not want to play games but you're ding it anyways, altering affecting or repressing your natural inclinations, in an effort to produce a desired effect. its a game.