Girls, is it OK if a guy starts things off slow for a little while instead of jumping into things?

Ok girls. The thought of meeting a random girl at lets say the mall and getting her number and then taking her out on a date just seems way too stressful and fast for me. Right now I just have a lot going on at the moment and I'm stressed out already as it is. Do you like it if a guy just slowly got to know you on the phone for a few weeks before you guys started to date? Like for example he called you up once every few days and you guys just talked about your day and slowly learned a little bit more about one another before meeting up in person? Or are you more comfortable with the guy taking you on a date right away?


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  • if a guy is extremely busy and doesn't have enough time to meet me in person then this would be okay, otherwise I'd still prefer to meet up and get to know the guy slowly through that :)

  • I would prefer if the guy got to know me before taking me out. That way we would always be able to bring something up that we both like, instead of having an awkward silence.


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