He unfriended me. What happened to this person?

Like two weeks ago I messaged this guy on FB whom I hadn't talked to in a while to see if he wanted my puppy, because I have been asking everybody and no one seems to want one, and like he likes dogs a lot, I thought he would take him. So I messaged him, and he didn't reply he just friend requested me. I accepted and then I asked if yes or no, if he wants it. He said no because he already has one.

Today he messaged me asking if I got rid of my puppy, I said not yet. That I thought I had found a place for the puppy but the lady I was going to give it to said she misunderstood and she wanted a stuffed animal puppy. So he laughed and asked me if she was high and how old was she. I told him that she does seem a little off, and that she's around her 50's.

Then he just replied, "ok don't message me anymore". And he unfriended me. So I replied saying, "huh was it something I said?" And he just said "just don't text me anymore, please."

So I just replied, "I'm not even texting you I'm just replying." So I just let it be. It's not like I really care, I'm just a little confused.

Guys, is there something there that offends you?

And then they say we're the complicated ones.


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  • Sparrow24 almost had it there.

    I have had a close friend from college get herself into an abusive relationship with a guy. She did not talk to me until she was out of it. Perhaps he is in a position where he is in an abusive relationship where she questions everyone that he hangs around etc...

    Either that or this dude is up to playing some games with you for some reason. Don't worry about it, and if he comes around again, ask him about it. Don't seek him out though. Let him come to his senses.


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  • No, I don't see anything close to offensive. I'd absolutely go ahead and just ignore him forever, on fb and in real life. He's probably playing games with you. F that.

  • he might have a very jealous girlfriend.


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  • Yeah that makes no sense. It may not have been him tying at the end. As others have said he could have a strange girlfriend, maybe she sent the messages to cut contact from his account. Just leave it. Try to be cool like you never interacted on Facebook if you see him in person.

  • He's probably a bi polar b*tch or has a gf

  • I don't see anything wrong with anything you said, that's REALLY weird, haha!

    I wouldn't worry about it though, maybe his girlfriend saw the activity and asked if he was cheating or something crazy like that, haha! Who knows...