Does she want more than friendship?

I dated a girl for awhile but it ended up not really going anywhere, but we still kept in touch. We kept in semi-regular contact, maybe once a month since we stopped dating in April. The conversations were mostly initiated by her, but were short lived and were mainly just boring chit-chat, we are both trying to lose some weight so we also talked a bit about that. Neither of us are big drinkers, she only on special occasions, and me not at all right now due to a medication I'm on. In one of the chats, I mentioned that I am going off of that medication.

Part way through August she initiated contact with me and we kept talking more often than we did before, neither of us were really sure where it was going. But we kept talking and eventually she asked me to hang out I agreed. We ended up having a light dinner and watching a movie, something she planned. It started to feel more like a date than a "hang out."

After the movie we talked, and she said I should let her know when I'm completely off my medication so we can celebrate with some wine. Knowing that she only drinks at special occasions, pretty much weddings, Christmas, and Yew Years it sounds special. From the signs I've seen and described it looks like she is wanting more than just friendship and wants to start seriously dating. Am I reading it right, and what do you think I should do?


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  • I think your reading too much into this. She may have said that to make herself sound conservative. A lot of girls avoiding drinking to look good in front of guys who like conservative girls. It doesn't mean that they don't drink. If you want proof that she likes you, you need something bigger and more obvious than that.


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  • Well. First off is that what you want. Because if you don't have the same feelings for her as she does for you, then you should tell her. Just leading a person on isn't all that cool either.

    • I am interested. I am just a bit cautious because we dated a bit before and it didn't work out.

  • yes she does! she wants you to make a move. good luck


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