Cute things to text my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I live a fair distance apart and generally only get to see each other once a week on a good week. He is always sending me adorable messages and I can never think of anything to send back. Any ideas for cute things I can text him would be amazing!


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  • As an aside, there's a phone app called "Couple" that's great for a couple with some distance between them.

    Sending a picture to each other every day can be a nice way to keep in touch. Doesn't have to be naughty, just something to say "thinking of you."


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  • just send short tidbits of how you feel about him. what you like about him. how much you miss him. how you're happy he is in your life.

  • Send him a list, one text at a time -of all the things you like about him.

  • How about you not worry about being clever, and just be yourself. While you're at it, maybe be loving and sweet to him. But you don't have to worry about trying to hard at being cute, or funny or particularly witty. He likes you for who you are, doesn't he? So stick with that.


    Not good enough?

    Well if that's not a good enough answer, then maybe try doing things, like talking about how you can't wait to be in his arms, or to give him a big hug, or something like that. Just be affectionate. Maybe that will contribute to it. But as I said, this stuff doesn't need to be such an effort, and you really shouldn't have to force this stuff.

  • I think he would be happy with just talking to you normally but if you want to sent him something funny or cute then a good idea is to go out of your element. For example, if he is into sports, tell him of some the exaggerated experience you had with it. Like "you should pick me for your draft" then show some comically bad picture of you trying to play football, in sexy clothes if he is into that lol. This shows him that you are going out of your comfort zone to relate to him but it also shows your whimsical, confident, yet silly style that guys love. This was of course an example but same thing works if applied to his interests. Don't overdo it though lol, sending a message like that daily could freak him out a bit.

  • 1. You give me teddy bear giggles.

    2. When I think about you an explosion of rainbows and unicorns happen in my mind.

    3. If you were a puppy I would name you Cutey McCutieson

    4. I want to finger-paint smiley faces on your eyelids

    5. Let me dance for you like I'm Miley Cyrus on the VMA's

    6. You better love me or I will kill you (this one always works for me!)

    • #5?!? How about no! lol. We are trying to keep them together, not tear them apart.

  • Nude pics, always a winner for distance relationships.

    • Her boyfriend should forward any nude pics to his friends so that they too can know how good of a girlfriend he has.

    • Not sure if being sarcastic... or serious about that.

    • (Sarcastic.)

  • How far do you live apart? How do you manage it?

    I'm in a similar scenario but we aren't in a couple ... yet. She lives in a neighbouring country to mine, we have very strong feelings for one another but she seems reluctant to get into a couple because she's scared of hurting us ...

    For your question, how about snap chat, Skype, etc ... something where you can see each others' faces to keep the relationship going. Or even organise a nice trip together, just the too of you, something you can remember and strengthen your couple a little bit more.

    • Oh wow not quite that far ha ha both in the same country. Yeah we Skype/snapchat a lot but texting is much easier for during the day.

  • I wouldn't know

  • <3

  • Text him a sweet love quote or just make something up (also making it rhyme helps, I personally love it when a girl makes a sweet quote rhyme). If you cannot think of anything, the internet never fails. Check tumblr for cute things you might want to text to him.

  • "i farted and it made me think of you ;)"

  • Inappropriate sexist or racist jokes.

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    • Make sure he is okay with that though. Go light.

    • Instead of making sure he's fine with it, I think she should blindside him with those types of jokes.

  • A picture of your boobs.

    A picture of your butt.

    A picture of your cooch.

    Or just a picture of your face.

  • You da best.


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