If guy does not respond to just one text, would you text him again?

Here you think went on a few dates every two weeks/were talking via text four days/week inbetween dates .Were suppose to have a fourth date he asked for a rain check. then said he hope we could rearrange something soon. then next text was hope to catch up with you at some point. Sent a text back no response (the first text he not responded back to )this was almost two week ago I not sent any texts .The thing was he was so keen on dates and in texts So should I get back in touch or leave it as I left it for a few weeks .

I been thinking the same as you lot . I am whatever about it I was quite happy for something causal not too serious

i do know the guy in social settings so will most limey bump in to him. and just be normal pretend nothing happened.i judge by the response then . Quite intimate last date close hugging very close body contact kissing a lot quite serious . But no physical action . had we had another date then maybe something more .
As I did want to go there from day one of meeting but I was stoping myself glad I have if this turns out to be the case . but sorry only three dates is bit too soon for my personal liking .Do not get me wrong I not keep someone waiting for ever but I do not just give up for a few good dates
just makes you wonder why you bother oh well his loss


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  • Normally I'd say not responding ONCE to a text, could easily warrant another text. Sometimes people just get busy and forget that they didn't respond back yet, I've had that happen. But yeah, to 'forget' to respond for two weeks and not seem to be wondering why he hasn't heard from YOU again yet [obviously he'd text to see what was up if he was concerned, lol], I agree with the others. Just let it go and continue on elsewhere. If he wanted to see you again as much as he said, he would have tried to make it happen, or at least been in some form of contact by now. Sure, it could be some crazy family emergency that came out of nowhere and he's been THAT kind of busy, but I think those odds are kinda slim. It sounds like he's blowing you off, I'm sorry. I hate when that s.hit happens. =/


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  • The first date should of been like your last date quite intimate and more. No confusion or mixed messages . Holding off for a few dates is the imposed social rule ? why... Some guys meet girls during the day in the mall etc and are having sex under a hour or same day. A guy should not hold back his sexual agenda, as he is horny, he makes you horny too. Think off a trail of clothes thrown everywhere leading to the bedroom ...

  • Leave it and date other guys . Was the dating intimate or not ? Could explain it all .


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  • I'd leave it alone, if I were you.

    It sounds, to me, like he's blowing you off.

    If he wanted another date with you, he wouldn't be ignoring your messages and postponing the date repeatedly. The "sometime" sounds indefinite, he's not making any ACTUAL plans.

    I'm sorry, but I'd move on. He seems to be gone already.