Should you date a person that's not generous?

I have been dating this guy for 2 months now. He already asked me to be his girl friend but I don't feel like I can be serious with him because I always pay my portion when we went on date. It would be nice to be treated once a while. Can I let him know it bother me that he's not generous?


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  • Probably not, he might think you want to use him. Didn't he offer to pay for the first 1-2 dates? I guess you can give him some hints about a surprise present, what your ex did before and that you liked surprised gifts. Just don't say that you don't think he's generous because it might upset him.

  • Omg.. :o that sucks! A man should be trying to prove how much he cares about you during dating ..just imagine what he would be like if you got married :/ I'd run as fast as I could from this tight ass lol