Would she not date me again?

I dated this girl for a few months last spring. It was going good, but I ended up moving to another state for my job. She was also moving to the same area as me for school, but she wasn't until a couple months after me. I had told her before we left that we weren't exclusive, and I guess she chose to ignore it. I hung out with this girl in the new town and the other girl found out and flipped. We stopped talking after that. Then, she moved down here and we talked a little and she mentioned that she had gotten back together with her ex boyfriend. That was about two months ago, and today I asked her if she was still with him and she said "No, the distance thing was too much. I feel like if things didn't work out with someone the first time, then they're probably never going to." Does this mean that she wouldn't date me again?


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  • I don't exactly no the full extent of your relationship. But me and my boyfriend for four year recently broke up. I did not go looking for a boyfriend or anything. He however decided he was going to jump right on and start talking to girls found this one girl he liked and hung out with her. I found out and that just killed my mood. We were only appart for a couple of months and he had already found someone. So that was a huge damage to my self-esteem and really that's one of the reasons I didn't want to get back together with him. It proved that he didn't want to commit the way I wanted to commit. So from a girls prospective I would say either try your butt off if you really like her and would hate to lose her. but after a guy shows that they aren't going to be exclusive with you, even if they do move, in a girls prospective they are thinking that the person may not care enough to wait for you.

  • Well, kinda... It seems that she have come to realize that she don't do well "distance relationships."