Do players ever want to date respectable girls?

Guys who like to sleep around just try to hook up. I get it.

At some point they are going to like a wholesome girl.

Question is what are the chances he will actually date her instead o trying to find a sleazy chick?


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  • Yes. Long term a 'wholesome' and loyal girl is what they want to settle with...but by this time they aren't really players.

    And by sleeping with a number of sleazy women they already know what the sleazy qualities are, and hence will not get with a girl for a long term relationship who displays these sleazy qualities.

    And yes, even man-whores will eventually settle down. Will they give up their man-whoring ways, this is a different question as evidence of the divorce rate in this country.

    A girl who is respectable in public yet freaky in private is always the perfect combination.

    • I guess how do you know when they're willing to stop? I like someone who I've known for about a year. Now that I've given him the time of day he started flirting with me. He's always been respectful and not gross about it. But, I know he has a rep for sleeping around a bit. I can tell he's genuinely interested in me, not just looking for sex. I don't know if I should be asking someone like him out.

    • Give him a chance. If he crosses any boundaries or makes you feel uncomfortable, then you don't have to be with him. Not all so-called players are the same, some do change.

      You are already on the defense. Just let your guard down enough so that he can show you who he really is. Once you know for sure you can decide.

    • Yeah. I wouldn't sleep with him unless we were exclusive. Never have done that and I never will. That's setting up myself for failure with him. He's been flirting with me a lot. I just don't know if he will ask me out. I'm not familiar with his type.


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  • First of all, players can be very patient flirting with 'good girls'. Because they're f***ing 6 other girls. Guys who aren't players if they aren't getting anywhere, stop and move on.

    Second, most players choose good girls to settle with.

    They settle when they want to have kids, generally. Not before.

    • And still keep playing, in many cases.

    • Often yes. The majority from what I've read don't intend to cheat when they marry, but when other guys might get frustrated, they - know - they can get laid easily at any time.

  • Maybe after he starts getting old and afraid of losing his looks. Until then, as long as the game is good why quit.

    • He's 31. I would say its time to stop.

    • I had a 32 yo teacher who had a lot of 18-21 yo all over him - as far as I know he was ethical and kept it away, but who knows for sure...

    • That's true. I guess at some point you'd want to grow up and be mature instead of sleeping around. Maybe that's just me.

  • Short term they like a wholesome girl. It is part of the game. Anyone can have sex with a slut, a true player convinces the good girls to give it up. Players are not good choices for a committed relationship. Most will continue to be players for as long as they can get away with it. When they start to get old and their looks start to fail, they may look to get married. Until then they have no reason to settle down.


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  • I wouldn't want a former player as my bf.

  • Manwhores never settle down