Should I be mad or am I overreacting?

I met a guy off a dating site. We've been on one date so far, and he texts me everyday. I thought he was a decent guy. But I was creeping his Facebook a few days ago and saw a couple girls that had been recently added by him. Then I went on snapchat and it says one of the girls is one of the top 3 girls he sends pictures to. I'm in the top 3 also , but still . I'm positive it's a girl he met on the dating site. His dating profile is still up and it says he checks it daily. My profile is no longer up , it's been deleted for a month now. Not because I met him , but because I didn't like the people on it. I'm worried he's playing games with me , I've been played before and am extremely scared it'll happen again. How can I talk to him about it? What should I do?


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  • Oh, get a grip. You had one date and now you own him? How serious is this supposed to be? He's a guy, for goodness sake. And he's still looking around. So what if whats-er-name is on top of the list. It means nothing. and you have no right to creep his blogs. If I were him I'd drop your jealous-o-mania attitude like a hot potato. Maybe you shouldn't be sitting there acting like a black widow spider and waiting for him to fall into your web so you can wrap him up and eat him later. Girl, you have some real maturing to do. Only after you do will you hope to find true love and happiness with a relationship.


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  • You're overreacting. You're not exclusive with him, it was one date. He has the right to see other women unless, like I said, you and him have both decided to be exclusive with each other.

  • You're overreacting

    You went on ONE DATE! you can't have such high expectations of him so fast.he's not your bf

    Don't do anything.don't bring it up because that's none of your business. You're allowed to keep your options open too