Girls, would you date a guy who’s hotter than you?

I mean he’s noticeably better looking than you. Even when you’re wearing full make-up, he takes the spotlight. Naturally, other girls are envious of you for having him.

  • I would date him.
    44% (4)0% (0)27% (4)Vote
  • I would date him, but I’d feel insecure.
    33% (3)0% (0)20% (3)Vote
  • I wouldn’t date him, because I’d feel too insecure.
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  • I wouldn’t date him for some other reason. (Say what.)
    0% (0)17% (1)7% (1)Vote
  • I’m a lesbian. / I’m a guy.
    23% (2)83% (5)46% (7)Vote
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  • i think most women wouldn't because then they wouldn't have anything else to offer in the relationship


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  • You most obviously think your that hot of a guy? Personaly I have never found one that hot.

    • When did I say that? I'm just curious. How would you feel if a guy that hot did approach you?

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    • You must be a supermodel then!

    • Na just wankin with ya ! I don't go for the hot type.

  • Yes, because when he's about 50 and his looks start to fade we will be even.


    There's more to a person than the way they look.

    I am all about the inside.

    And I am more than secure about what I have to offer.


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