The difference between dating and relationship?

Say you went on 6 dates with a girl over the course of 3 weeks, and you really like her. At what point would you switch over from seeing each other just a couple times week, vs more regularly? Would it be after the first kiss, make out, once you've had sex and have an official relationship etc. Or would the amount of times you see each other per week already stay the same?

I personally feel like I'd like to see this guy more often, but I tend to let him set the pace and decide when we hang out. When I get impatient I'll ask him "So when do I get to see you again! :)" I guess it just feels like he's moving slow to me. He says he thinks about me all the time, and he buys me good tickets to see sport games with him, and helps me find rental spaces for my business online and stuff that makes me think "gee maybe he really does like me that much". We also text everyday. Last night we texted for about 2 hours, so maybe he is interested like he says but I don't understand why things are moving so slow... I miss him, therefore I want to see him sooner. But seems to work differently for him. What doyou think?


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  • I'd say once sex and exclusivity start we'll spend more time together. And I don't like texting. It's kind of a waste of time. Rather than spending two hours separately sending texts, I'd rather we spend 20 seconds texting and have her on the couch with me for those 2 hours.


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  • As soon as you 'date' someone where I'm from you're considered to be in a relationship... Anywho I wouldn't date someone I didn't already really like them. I've always been friends before going out with a girl so there is no need for the American version of 'dating' and exclusive/non-exclusive relationships.


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  • Did he holds your hand or kiss you in the public? It depends, some guys just like the attention and spending time together.

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