Am I actually too nice, should I change? Can any girl help me?

Ok hey, I'm an Average I thought. This problem is always bringing me down and making me sad and lonely.

Girls say I'm too nice, two of my Girlfriends have left me for this reason.

I Hold Doors Open, Give them my seat, make Eye contact and not just stare at their boobs.

I love to just talk to the girls I like and hold their hand and cuddle. I juts don't want to have sex and kiss them 24/7, that's a terrible idea.

I respect girls, that's the way I was taught. My friends call me Girly.

my question is am I actually too nice, should I change?


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  • Please don't ever change. You're perfect just the way you are. Sounds cliche, I know, but you sound like such a lovely person.


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  • I honestly don't understand why someone would leave you for that, I mean I would think that if you were a rotten person they would leave you, but I never heard of some leaving their partner for "being too nice" Its not worth changing over.

  • DON'T CHANGE FOR NO ONE! Guys like you are very rare! I know several girls that would do anything to have a guy like you in their lives... Ms. Right will come along just have faith! Keep your head up!

  • I agree, I don't understand why someone would leave you. You sound like the perfect gentleman that you never see these days. The girls who say your 'Too Nice' are arrogant whores, no offense. I'd date you in a heartbeat too. Don't change. Just wait for the right girl!

  • You're just choosing the wrong girls! I would date you in a heartbeat! Don't you dare change! I would kill yo meet a guy like you!


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