Texting a girl/guy you like. What do you text them?

My friends and I had a discussion last night about this. We were talking about what we text to a guy/girl we like. I sometimes don't know what to text but I do want him to know he's on my mind, so I just text: "hey, how are you?", then a friend told me that was a boring text and he wouldn't even reply to that. Then I told him OK, sometimes you could ask what they're doing that day, but no, that wasn't good either because then the other person may think you're checking up on them.

So long story short, I was wondering, if you wanna text the guy/girl you like, what do you text them?


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  • I don't think what you said is that boring as long as that's not the only way you text your crush. Some other ways are: sending him a pic of something saying it reminded you of him, just texting him randomly like "so bored" or ""hey what up?". Just remember don't be the one always texting first, don't sent huge text messages and know when to end the conversation, that's what really matters anyways!


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  • I'd text them something flirtatious, threaten to spank them for not replying, for example, and test what if any response I get.


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  • I think it depends on your age and in what stage of the relationship you're in. If it's still the early stages, you want to make a better effort than 'hey what's up'. It's easy to ask but hard to come up with an interesting reply, isn't it?

    Personally I also hate when people say 'I'm bored', because I've no obligation to entertain this person and it feels like they're testing my fun levels and already depressing me... goes for friends as well.

    I'm usually fine as long as there's a subject/ purpose and both sides seem to be interested in the conversation or in keeping the conversation going.

    Actually I'm having the same problem with a guy who lives far away, but I'm trying to think 'penpal' and go from there, since we can't meet up anytime soon and that kind of conversation would die quickly.

  • I don't usually text people unless I'm really bored and having absolutely nothing to do, or I have something important to say. Goes for anybody; friends, parents, people I like.