This guy and I have been dating for almost three months. I want to know if it's weird that we haven't kissed?

He asked me if I wanted to and I was like well, I don't know. Some of me wants to, but the last person I kissed was a girl, and I was basically, pressured into that. I think the only reason I haven't is maybe I might have a fear of not feeling something or possibly feel something. And I thought maybe I should have kissed him, and maybe I'm a dang idiot, but too, I feel like it should be unexpected. What do you think?


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  • Do you have strong feelings for him. From a guys perspective, I would hope to kiss the girl in less time than 3 months. If not you may stay in the friends area and not the lovers domain.


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  • 3 months is normal.. don't worry.. but you need to take a chance and see what's there... you never know.. you mite fall in love. take it 1 step at a time