Where the hell has happened to the date?

So I met this girl online like 5 days ago, We exchanged information and we had so much in common, She was the one to give me her number and we texted back and forth she seemed very interested. We talk and text each other for the next three days. That night when I talk to her we set a date that we were going to go in about 3 days on a date we didn't set a time but we were going to talk about it. After that I think I called her once like two days to the date and we talked, wasn't long. Yesterday I texted her and waited for a whole day she didn't reply then at night time I called her and she didn't answer but I left a voice mail. Today is the date day and haven't heard from her. She was the one to give me the first call 4 days and talked for an hour, what went wrong.?


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  • She might have just gotten nervous. I only met someone off the Internet once. We talked for like two months before we met. It made me feel more comfortable. In this day and age, women have to worry about our safety in regards to dating. Don't call her or anything again. You'll seem too pushy. If it's meant to be she will contact you.


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  • First, you messed up. You tried moving too fast brother! Then when you attempted to make plans, you never closed the deal man! You kept leaving the plans open for discussion. You kept waiting to do this or that. In the future, you gotta sell sell sell! Don't give her any wiggle room. Be specific what you want. Specific time, place, activity . You are dating so many other women, you must show the girl you have a tight schedule by making specific date plans. If the girl doesn't take the date, or give you a specific counter offer, then she's out. Also, never never text. Texting is a woman's game, and it fools guys into thinking the girl likes them more than they do. Delete this girls number,and happily move on.