Have you ever dated/been in a relationship with someone you thought was perfect looks wise?

Sort of a shallow question.....

Have you ever dated/been in a relationship with someone you thought was perfect looks wise... Someone you'd consider very sexy?

For men: A woman that is seriously hot. A 10 so to speak.

For women: A man that is very attractive.

Im asking because while I have dated/hooked up with some good looking women, I don't feel as I've ever had a really hot woman or the type I was just drooling over.. It sort of plays on my mind. and makes me want that type of woman. I don't date only for looks which is why maybe I haven't ever dated a really hot woman.

I might have unrealistic expectations on a "perfect 10" obviously it various guy to guy... Mshaker made a great point. Most women who are considered gorgeous have nothing else going on upstairs because all they rely on is their looks... I can't stand women like that.
Who switched around the order in which I asked my question... Cut that out!


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  • I am guessing this is more of a physical trait question. If so no, can't say I have. Perhaps physical appearance alone I am just not on high priority for sexiness. I have to put someone's other characteristics into to play to judge sexiness. I have never looked at a person and gone, wow you are a 10 super hot, never have, I know that can get me down voted but that's OK lol. My friends have found it strange but to me I have never seen a perfect 10 appearance wise, everyone has flaws.

    • I agree with what your saying personality plays a part.

      Still this factors in have you ever dated someone all around you thought was a 10 or that turned you on instantly. ?

    • Yes I have, he had this way of making you feel amazing just with words or a glance, like you were all that mattered in that time in space. He still does, I married him.

    • Aww lol good for you


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  • Nope , they were all average/ above average.

  • None of the men I dated were gorgeous, no.

    I thought they were cute, adorable, and sexy... but nowhere near perfect or perfect for me.

    In fact, most of them I didn't find attractive until after I'd gotten to know them a little.

  • Sure I have. Hot guys are usually stupid though.


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  • The really really really really hot ones. Are normally the dumbest ones. Trust me, they are around me all the time.

    You can find some that will make you drool like crazy, and they are super smart. Those are the keepers. But most of the super drop dead gorgeous woman, don't have a brain. Cause they only care for their looks, and not for their books.

    And to answer your question, yes I have been with someone who was super sexy and gorgeous, but she also had a brain. The brain to me is the real grabber. She can be super sexy, but if there is no brain stimulation, I don't really waste my time there.

    • I agree. I don't usually go for the over good looking women because they are dipsh*ts...

      It be nice to find a gorgeous and smart woman.

    • I have one right now, and trust me, it is so breathe taking to have. :)

  • Yep, two possibly three... I found myself very attracted to them, they are both almost opposites though... still they were both pretty short which is probably the only similarity. I wasn't the only guy to think they were very attractive, guys would hit on them in front of me...

    • In response to your update, the girls I considered to be 10's were actually great people as well... They weren't idiots and they weren't into their looks and were in fact modest about it if anything. I have dated a girl who I'd consider and 8/9 and she knew she was hot, that was a little annoying to be honest.

  • Yes.