Dating a guy with social anxiety. Any advice?

I'm starting to date a guy with social anxiety. He's really nice, a gentleman and sweet. He is just hard to talk to in person. He's more talkative through text. He doesn't respond as much when I talk to him in person. I feel really awkward around him, and my anxiety makes me worry. I don't think two people with anxiety dating is good for our personality. He told me he's been dating since he was young and been in some long term ones. I just don't see it how quiet and serious he is around me. I don't want to feel like I should try to change anyone. I just needed some advice.


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  • When you have some fun together and he loosens up a bit he will be fine just needs to get used to you it sounds like take him somewhere fun, bond, laugh.. At the moment he's proberbly awkward because you are like strangers : / awkward turtle lol, once you are comfortable with each other should be fine :)


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  • What he said and what he behaves doesn't seem to be consistent. Unless he meant long term online dating.

    You shouldn't try to change him to become more talkative, but maybe he's just too nervous at first? Give it some time, try going to a carnival or arcade or play some sports. I think those activities are best at creating a sort of bond between ppl, and you may be able to break through his nervousness.

  • Not sure if he's really dated that much but just comfort him and be there for him. don't force him to talk more in person yet. I'm kind of shy so... I kind of get him I guess

  • I'm surprised he has a lot of dating experience like he says he has


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