Would you date anyone with serious allergies?

As in being crazy allergic to too many things? Like all house pets, most pollens, smoke, certain foods, etc.

I don't think I could. I know it sounds harsh, but I am an active outdoors person and I think people with too many allergies are such liabilities.

However, I can tolerate some people with a few allergies here and there. Just as long as they aren't extreme. I'm allergic to poisonous plants that cause skin rashes, but that's about it.

If I'm dating someone who is allergic to pet hair, camp fire smoke, and has allergy attacks whenever they go in nature, I just don't see it working out.


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  • I think I could probably handle it.

    You don't get to choose what you're allergic to, you just are.

    Like myself, I'm allergic to cats, which I completely hate since I'm an animal lover. And my best friend -

    she's allergic to all kinds of things:

    from chocolate to watermelon to swimming in sunlight (I know it's horrible and I pity her for it)

    but she didn't choose to be allergic to those things and I've been with her for years so I think I could handle being with someone with crazy allergies.


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  • I'm not sure I could do it - at least, referring to pet allergies. I'm a huge animal lover and I just wouldn't be happy in a home without cats and dogs.

    Other allergies I could probably get used to, though.

  • Yea, why no?

    • Because these people are very limited when it comes to outdoor recreation or interaction with animals . You can't take them anywhere outside their horuse without them complaining about smells that don't seem to exist. My mom is like that and I find it super annoying.

  • I have 6 cats and I smoke, so that probably wouldn't work for me.

  • Yes I would


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