Girls, is she playing games?

There's this girl I work with, and we seem to get along really well, and we're always talking and joking around a LOT. We've been trying to find time to hang out, but every time I ask her and she says yes, but would something comes up.

The other night she went out to get a new phone, said she'd call me that night, but never did, the other time one of her new piercings was having a problem, and she had to go have it fixed.

Then tonight she had to do some stuff, and told me to call her like 30 min after we left work, so I called and got no answer, then I left a text, told myself I'd leave it at that, and went to sleep. When I woke up she'd left me a text about 2 hours later that said, "wow I just got your call and message... I'm sry, I've been running around like crazy... we're gonna have to pick a day to hang out, and when we do I'll stick to it I promise."

Is she playing games, or was she seriously busy?


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  • How many times has she blown you off like that? Ok, getting a piercing fixed takes some time but not hours... I suggest you text her that she should let you know when she's available to hang out. That way you don't bother that much with texting because I feel it's up to her to ask you now.


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  • You've given it a shot, it's up to her now. If she really does want to hang out with you, she will make time to get in touch with you.


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  • I think it's just that she doesn't want to go out with you, and thinks that you'll get tired of asking after a while, if she always blows you off.