After break up I texted the following, will this give him some comfort or upset him?

I broke up with a guy affter 3 months then I felt very bad about it so I sent him an email and told him I've always found him amazing even too good to be true and he's always been really nice to me. (Though I broke up with him for a reason, just don't want to go into details here). I only sent it because I felt a bit guilty and wanted him to feel better but now I'm not too sure if it was a good idea. How would you feel if you'd get a message like this after a break up? He didn't reply to this one, there is no contact between us at the moment.


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  • Well without trying to sound harsh on you here, you made a huge mistake sending that text. You just broke up with him and then you send him a message saying that he was amazing, the perfect boyfriend almost. That immediately puts him into either one of 2 mindframes.

    1) He starts to think you are lying because after all, why would you break up with him if he was so amazing?

    2) He starts to over think absolutely everything. "Why would she send me a text like that if she wanted to break up?", "Maybe she doesn't want to break up and this is her way of trying to get me back somehow!", "She says I was amazing, maybe I still have a chance to get her back?" and so on and so fourth,

    If you broke up with him with no intention of a possible get back together then a break up needs to be clean and to the point. Sending a message like that could give him the idea that there is still a possibility of you two getting back together in the future. If you broke up with him for someone else then honestly, you should of told him that because it would just hurt him more to find out at a later point (personal experience on that one).

    He is probably hurting right now. So if you still want to be friends with him, give him some space for now. If he wants to remain friends, he will contact you at some point.


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  • I would probably say something like "whatever, if I was amazing she'd still be with me". or worse depending on my emotional state.

  • If I received that message, three months after a break up ? At best, thinking you're stupid, at worst, hate for twisting the knife once again.


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  • ohh yesss I did the sameee thinggg ! I just felt so bad that I couldn't sleep , I texted him saying something so near - he also did not reply - but yess it did make me feel way better - as I wanted him not to feel like he is not good enough or something , I still feel bad when I think that he is may be hurt

    • and what do you think why didn't they reply to such messages?

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    • but why don't you think that you can give him a chance ? I mean if you are feeling that pity it must mean that he is a real good person - for me second chance was not an option because there were no future because he failed 2 years in college and he had a very messed family that wouldn't ever match with mine

    • I'd love to but I'm sure he wouldn't give me a second chance, he had enough drama in his past relationship. And I don't think he would be happy if I'd contact him after he didn't reply to my last message. Don't want to be pushy.