How many dates do you go on before the first kiss?

This obviously only applies if you like her.

From past experiences, how many dates before you lean in to give her the first kiss. Just wondering what guys on here have done.


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  • first date, most of my friends do second date. Because the first is usually just a test to see how much the girl is into you


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  • Usually before anything that could be considered a date - but then I don't do the whole dating-people-I-don't-already-know thing.

  • First, definitely. Girls know within the first 5 minutes if they are interested in a guy or not. Whether or not they are willing to admit it is a different story.

    If you read the body language cues correctly, a 45 minute to 3+ hour first date is plenty of time to know if she is worth the effort. A guy kissing a girl means "I like you, let's keep doing whatever we are doing. I am unofficially committing to support you in some way."


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