Have you ever dated a bossy girl?

have you ever dated a girl that was bossy and went everywhere with you? if you go over your family house she went to and the things you done in life before you met her came to a hault, and you had no peace from her but your work


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  • In my last relationship she tried getting that way and I jhad to dump her to keep the stress levels down.

    She was getting mad at me for not seeing her enough(she wanted more than once a week and with short notice) and she had no car so it basically became a burden for me. I had to put up with incompetent rambling that I half listened to and when I tried to talk she would always accuse me of trying to interrupt yet she's ramble for 30mins and I'd maybe get to talk for 30 seconds and she'd start up again.

    I wasn't mean about it because I didn't want to risk her breaking no-contact when we broke up. She loves arguing even if there's nothing to argue about. She thought she was much more than she really was. She claimed to be 50/50 on relationships yet my gas bills said the total opposite. She'd also go back to repeating arguments right after they'd be settled. The only people that she'd stand a chance of in a relationship are people who love to argue and I'm the total opposite. I like peace.

    • lmaoo your gas bill said the total opposite lmao


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  • Well not bossy but kind of always like being in control or deciding how things turn out as much as possible? Yeah.

    For the most part, I'm not an ego maniac so it never really got to me but it did upset me at times that she wouldn't let things just be natural between us, she had this "urge" to control things as much as possible.

    Bossy and clingy are two different two things, those things you described sound more clingy than anything else.

  • That sounds pretty freaking awful. Can't say I've experienced that. The day I'm thankful to go to work to escape a girl is a good day to break up!

  • I dated a girl like that a long time ago. It didn't last very long, thank God.


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