Where should I take this cute french girl on a date?

I meet a french girl and she's super cute, intelligent, lovely, dorky and has her tomboy side but can also be really girlie so she basically perfect :) I don't want to take her somewhere fancy because she is a rich girl so something that would be really fancy for me it's gonna be something she does on a daily basis so it's not going to impress her plus we are both more on the adventurer side so I want to do something that is really fun but also romantic. I was thinking about taking her somewhere outdoors like the beach and have fun, splash her and push her into the water while she's wearing everyday clothes. Something fun like that during the day and once it gets late I was thinking about taking her to an auto cinema where I can get a little more romantic :)


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  • I would suggest not taking her to the beach or anything that would involve swimming or bathing suits. Keep it clothed for the first date. I'm not saying you are, but many guys will take a girl to the beach only to see her in a bikini and lots of girls feel uncomfortable with that so she might think you're trying to do that even if you aren't. Save beach dates for when you've been out a couple times before.

    Something active and exciting would be fun. Maybe go karting, indoor roller skating etc or indoor rock climbing. Those are all low key active dates. Try not to make the first date too long. In case one or both of you is not really feeling it, you don't have to end up being together all day if you're not interested. You could always do something active or fast paced and then stop for coffee or lunch afterward so you can have a better opportunity to chat and get to know each other more.


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  • you're idea of a day in the beach then later on catching a movie, sounds good to me but you have to consider what she wants to do. find out what her interests are, good luck :)


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  • Whoa, wait a minute! Its not often that we hear about a girl dating someone who is not as rich her. Usually women like to date ONLY guys who are super rich, get all the benefits from the guy like expensive gifts, fancy dates etc., drain him of all his money, and finally dump him for another RICH guy when he is no more able to satisfy her material needs.

    • You just have to associate with the right people and you will meet amazing people

    • Are there really any right people left in this cruel and mean world? Its each man (or woman) for himself (or herself).

  • First off, it's great that you like this girl, but please don't say anything like 'she's perfect'. Nobody's perfect. You don't want to scare her off!

    As for date ideas, nothing that involves swimwear (she might be self-conscious) or a lot of eating (ditto), and no cinema (no chance to talk). I suggest going for a coffee or to a bar.