Should I let her contact me?

After 7 dates, seems to be going no where. I have tried to kiss tells me she would tell me when its ok? She punch me if I tried? WHAT? Have I been friend zoned? Like why you keep wanting to see me?

I told her at the end of last date, let me know for next time? I left it at that. Let her text me and see how interested she is and wait for to text me to hang out again? If not NEXT?


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  • 7 dates, and you still have not kissed. Its time to move on bro.

    There are so many fish in the sea, not an excuse to go on 7 dates and have nothing to show for it.

    If you want, you could chance an 8th, and just go in for it at a hot moment or something, but if she really is hitting you...Ditch her and onto the next

    • Well not hitting me, but would if I tried. lol. Its sad

    • You said it yourself, its sad. Break it to her softly and move onto the next one, happy travels and good luck sir.