My cousin is dating our cousin

She's like a third cousin but we have known her growing up pretty much over the years. It doesn't seem right to me. She has the same last name as my mom and his moms maiden name.

She looks related. Too me it is weird.

What do you guys think? Is this f***ed up?!?!


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  • I think third cousins are legal, and has enough genetic diversity that it doesn't cause birth defects. At least that is what I have heard. As long as they aren't hurting anyone else it doesn't bother me. I think standing in their way would be no different than standing in the way of a homosexual couple. Just because we might find it unusual, doesn't mean they are doing anything wrong.


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  • too me it is strange. it also causes birth defects when you reproduce

  • my brother married our cousin. they had a wedding. 100s of people were there and had no problem with it. they are happy.

    • First cousin?

    • lets see. my grandmothers father had a sister. She had a son, who had had a son who had a daughter who married my brother.

      So my great grandfathers , sisters, sons, sons, daughter, married my brother.

      First cousin would be my mom or my dads brother or sisters kid... so that's one 2 3rd cousin?

    • Yeeeeeeah...that's really GROSS!

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  • Well how far apart in generation? You are actually not at risk of birth defect at something as close as a second cousin, (first cousins kid) and if they are parents cousins its even more far apart. The "first, second, third" thing isn't as relevant as "removed" so if she is say your grandpas kids cousin and so on it is like once or twice removed. We've had presidents marry second cousins. As far as the being close and calling one another "cousin", that's just something everyone will have to deal with. Most people hardy know their second cousins, let alone "3rd once removed" etc... Your family sounds uniquely close (not meaning that creepy just that you keep in touch with family so far back

  • Are YOU the cousin in this story, Ralph?