Does he like me? My first date with this guy and he texted me 30 mn after our date

thanking me for coming out and saying he enjoyed his time?is that just routine or does that mean he likes me?

he also asked me if we can meet again at the end of our date?


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  • Yes, he likes you. No, it's not something that we routinely do.

    • one more question, I was playing/fixing with my hair most of the time, kinda keeping it together because it was about to frizz and it was down...when I left I realized that may be I should've avoided that bad, could it be misunderstood?

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    • No, he shouldn't take it that way, and, in fact, very few guys, if any, would take it that way. Everything sounds good so far. I think that you don't have anything about which you should worry.

    • yay


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  • Yes he does like you or you would not of heard from him again. I actually did this with a girl I dated last week I messaged her and said I had a great time with her and would like to spend time with her again to let her know I had a good time.

    • would you text her too after the second date or would you expect her to text you and thank you if you paid for the date?

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    • so when do you ask her out again?

    • Usually like 2-3 days I would ask if she is available to go out or if she is busy

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  • Yeah he likes you! If he didn't , he would have just said bye and not text you ever again. at least that what's I think. Glad your first date went well ! (:

    • thank you I'm glad too.