How much do you text your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Roughly how many texts do you send him/her on a daily or weekly basis? How do you feel about it? Do you wish you communicated more or less via phone?

  • Several times a week or less
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  • A few texts every day
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  • 20-50 texts a day
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  • 50+ texts a day
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe like one per day or less. We see each other every day and we're close so we can refrain from communicating throughout the day via text unless it's lunch/dinner plans or something important. Most times we just call though. Early in our relationship texting actually proved to be problematic because the messages were interpreted differently. It caused a few issues so we eventually just stopped trying to have serious conversations over the phone and would rather just meet in person to talk things through.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I don't text. If I want to talk to somebody I talk to them on a phone. Texting is so impersonal. However, before I moved in with my girlfriend, I did talk to her on the phone every day, if I didn't see her. Either I'd call her or she'd call me. It was nice. Now I live with her. So I see her every day. When one of us leaves for work it's no thing, we just talk when we get back home, or if she or I go out, or if we might get home late, we leave a message on the machine.

    I think we talk about as much as we we're comfortable with doing. But we don't text. Either of us.

  • I never texted anyone in my life lol

  • Few texts a day. But this is to my wife, not my girlfriend.


What Girls Said 3

  • We text a few times a day, maybe not every day but close. He's much busier than I am so I try not to bother him too much with texting.

    If we ever miss each other a lot or need to make plans we'll just call and talk instead.

    I think we communicate just enough via phone, there's no need as it is right now for it to be more or less.

  • Every day. We both work a lot, but we always want to keep in touch and check in. I like how often we communicate : )

  • Whenever necessary. This can be anything from no contact one day to 1-500 any given day. Depends on the need to communicate information. We typically exchange like 10 a day.